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The Adventure Starts Here

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Wild Bookkeeping is the start of a new adventure, but is the result of a life long passion for helping small business owners.

I started bookkeeping at the tender age of 13 having been promoted from dusting the paint tins! My Dad had a business selling wallpaper and paint to both trade and retail customers. I used to go into the shop after school each day to write up the purchase and sales ledgers. It was proper old fashioned bookkeeping in big paper ledgers. Dad used to insist that I add them up in my head without the use of a calculator and we couldn't go home until everything cross cast! Dad instilled into me a love for numbers, for order and detail. I loved spending time in the business together and soon got to know all our regular customers. I keep this photo on my desk as a reminder of where it all began!

I was all set to go to uni to study business management and modern languages, when my mum tragically died from cancer the week before I got my A-Level results. I decided not to go and my Dad's accountant offered me a training post in their offices instead. I started my ACCA exams, but soon decided that audit work was not really for me. I wanted to be in the thick of it, helping businesses to grow. My next step was to move into industry. I learned so much during this time: project accounting, management accounting, budgeting, payroll. I eventually ended up running an accounts department before I finally took up the role of Assistant Management Accountant at Texaco UK.

In 1997, my daughter arrived prematurely and my world turned upside down. I decided not to return to full time work after my maternity leave and started to teach AAT at the local college part time instead. This worked really well and enabled me to be a full time mum at home, but also keep my knowledge up to date. I found that I really enjoyed training others and nurturing new talent. Training others is something I still really enjoy today. I love helping business owners, who are often scared of their numbers, understand what those figures really mean.

As my children grew, teaching evening classes started not to work as well. I needed something that would fit around school hours. Some friends needing bookkeeping support in their own businesses, so I joined The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, gaining exemptions from their exams in light of my part qualified ACCA status, and my journey into bookkeeping began.

I loved my new business "Penelope Allard Bookkeeping Services". It gave me the flexibility to work around my children and I was back being a part of businesses helping them to grow. Things ticked along nicely until 2014, when sadly I got divorced. Everyone asked if I was going to get a "proper job". I felt I had a proper job though. I loved my clients, I just needed more of them. So, I built my first website, learned about marketing and began to grow.

By the time we got to 2020 and Covid hit, I was quite happy working full time and turning work away. By now however, my children were much older and if I am honest, I was worried about the future and the economy. Would all my clients survive? What would happen next? It was the push I needed. I stopped turning work away and I focussed really hard on my clients and I am happy to say that they all made it through. As 2020 drew to a close, the business had grown to an extent that it could support another team member and Sara joined me.

In 2021, I decided that my business had outgrown Penelope Allard Bookkeeping Services. We needed a new fresh look that reflected where we were going. I approached Insight 101 and "Wild Bookkeeping" was born.

I have always loved the sea and in 2011, I took up open water swimming. I swim all year round without a wetsuit and I LOVE the challenge! My daughter took a photo of my swimming in Pembrokeshire at the end of October 2014. To me it summed up exactly where I was at that time. Facing adversity with all the strength I could muster. This photo was the inspiration for my new brand. It represents all that we stand for, all of our values.

The team at Wild Bookkeeping are ready for a challenge. We stand firm in the waves and support each other and our clients whatever challenges we may face.

We are ready for adventure, wherever it may take us.

So, if you enjoy an adventure, but need some help navigating your way through those waves, why not give us a call? The team at Wild Bookkeeping are ready and waiting to share the adventure with you.

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