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Bookkeeping Tips from the Beach

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When did you last step out of your comfort zone? Getting your mindset right is an important part of running a business. You will never feel totally ready for that next step and sometimes you just have to have a little bit of faith and just go for it. I have been winter swimming now without a wetsuit for 11 years and I still feel nervous before I enter the water and I don't always want to go. However, I have learned that by facing the challenge and doing it anyway, I will feel amazing afterwards. I use this strength and mindset when I am facing challenges in my business. Sometimes we just have to take a deep breath and face the wave head on and just get the job done. It's often the only way we will make progress. My good friend and fellow ICB Bookkeeper, Suzannah Whelan, came for a visit at the weekend. She had 2 big fears: getting into the water and being on camera, let alone video! However, we have been spending the past year working together to push our businesses forward and Suzannah knew that pushing boundaries and getting your mindset right are really important elements to success. Fortunately, Suzannah picked the hottest day of the year! We spent some time on the paddle boards and then Suzannah bravely had a go at standing up. She was brilliant, although this did lead to her also conquering her fear of getting in! Pushing her boundaries paddle boarding meant that being on video was no longer a problem. If you are looking for fearless bookkeepers to help you push those boundaries, then you know who to call. #BeMoreBookkeeper #NotJustaBookkeeperanICBBookkeeper Success is proportionate to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with. ________________________________________________ I help business owners be confident in their numbers so that they can push those boundaries and get out of their comfort zone, reconnecting with the joy in their business. Meetings can be held on Zoom or at the beach

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Pricing Spreadsheet


Do you know if your pricing covers all of your costs?


Are you actually making a profit?


We have built a free spreadsheet for you to help work out a price that will ensure you are covering all of your costs and your overheads as well.

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