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Bringing the joy and sense of freedom back into business ownership so that we can be our true and authentic selves.

Tel: 123.456.7890


A Virtual Accounts Department

WILD Bookkeeping offers its clients a virtual accounts department to navigate the rough seas of business. 


In any business there are highs and lows but working with WILD Bookkeeping enables you tackle the waves head on, safely and securely, reconnecting with the business adventure. 


The result? Clients who can connect once again with the joy of business ownership. 


As a Team

We keep going - we have the flexibility so that we can keep the momentum and the good work going.

We work together - we are a tight unit and we lift together.

Support. Always - our support runs way beyond the work clock.  We are there for each other whenever needed.  We are a team.

We do - When it's time to work, we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.

For the long run - our team commitment is long term, we're invested and support others to grow.

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Wild Bookkeeping do the same as most bookkeepers.  We provide accurate, up-to-date financial information so that you can fully understand your business.  This is where the similarities end. 


The difference in Wild Bookkeeping lies in our attitude and our approach to our clients and their lives.  We are fear loving, happy to tackle the BIG waves and get a buzz out of bookkeeping.  Maths, data and running a business is a constant adrenalin rush like the sea. 

Bookkeeping is a skill.  It comes from years and years of experience and relies totally on an understanding of business at the front line (or at the wave break).  The owner of Wild Bookkeeping has been involved in business from the age of 6 just as she has been in love with the sea for as long as she can remember. 

Whether you are in Leigh-on-Sea, Southend or the wider area, we use cloud accounting, so have clients spread across the country.

Wild is part of the B1G1 community, a network of over 2,600 businesses worldwide with a mission to create a world that's full of giving. B1G1 allows us offer our clients the opportunity to each choose a project for us to support. We also fund various educational programs whenever we file VAT returns and Self-Assessment or Corporation Tax returns. You can learn more about our supported projects and our impact towards them on Our Impact page.

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